May 10, 2008

Trade Proposals Wanted for 2 Stinky Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread

Okay, peeps! The time has come! Two very fresh stinky fish and five very tasty ciabatta rolls are ready to be traded! (See actual photos above.) What are you willing to trade to start us off? All offer proposals will be gleefully considered! No offer is too small, none too crazy - just think about what you have that you think others would like! When you've got an idea (or two or three), just jot it in the comments below. Proposals will be accepted until Friday, May 16.


*janet* said...

I'll trade you my Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition!

Caroline said...

I'll trade you my hershey's kiss fondue set.

Claudia said...

I'll trade a handmade necklace and earrings.