The project will culminate in a feast for 5000, but who's gonna get fed? Who's gonna feed 'em? How can it be extra cool?

I don't know either! Ideally, the following principles will be incorporated into the final feast:
  • Creative
  • Impactful
I thought the list would be longer, but I think those two are pretty good. So let's brainstorm! Here are some ideas--if you have any others, please let me know!
  • Get that Dinner Impossible TV show to figure it out
  • Connect with in Brazil to feed some people in reaaaally rough circumstances
  • Feed San Francisco homeless in the park or a stadium or something.
  • Get 50 restaurants to feed 100 people apiece
  • Get involved with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
  • A gigantic pot luck! Everyone brings a dish, get some fancy place to donate/ trade for the venue, table settings etc Gigantic dinner!! (Thanks Swiyyah!)
  • Food trucks, food stands, kids crafts, a petting zoo - get 5,000 together in a fun family event. :) With the help of community volunteers (like LA works)
  • Go Big. Do it in a stadium parking lot (probably more obtainable than stadium). Free for those who arrive on foot, bike, or by public trans. Rugs/blankets for picnic style eating. Event provides the food. Music donated.
    Arrange tables in a creative fashion so that when photographed from above will make fabulous photos. Fixed Hot air balloon rides allow for these photos?
Have an idea for the Final Feast? Please let me know!