December 09, 2008

5th Trade Complete

Hail hail, the Honorable 2 Stinky Fish hath shed their fins, walked on land, and now shall snowboard on the slopes! Thanks to a generous offer from Matt Anderson and the wonderful people at Burton boots (thanks especially to Jessica and the people at the Damiano Inc. showroom in Denver), our 2 Stinky Fish continue their quest to feed 5,000 people, albeit in fur-lined parkas!

The current offer: Any size brand new Burton Hail Snowboard Boot (Retail $220)

The details: Just tell us what size you need, in what color (Black, White, or Brown), and we'll ship out brand new snowboard boots to you!

What to do: Post a comment with your offer for the boots! We already have some good ones, but all will be graciously pondered from our fishy pond.

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