February 18, 2009

Wine Starts Trek to Vail

Well, apparently you can't ship wine across state lines. I wanted to get Matt the wine for his promised boots, but I can't just put it in the mail without risking something called a felony. No thanks! So, we've gotten creative. My friend Adam is planning to take it on his ski trip to Wyoming, where he shall find some other kind soul to take it a little closer to Vail, and so on, a la 6 degrees of separation. So, let the trek begin! Hope it gets there safe!


Carl Winter said...

Update: Apparently the guys got in a wreck on their way to Wyoming, and the car was totaled. Not to be denied its ultimate destination, though, the wine made it through unscathed. Whew!

Carl Winter said...

Update 2: Nathan Aleman has successfully transported Mr. Wine to Denver, and rumors are he passed it on to a friend of Matt's. Things are looking up!

Larry said...

dude thats a pic with my man adam snell! love that guy! : )