March 11, 2010


2StinkyFish swim again! Killer rockin' best-ever killer band MGMT has agreed to freakin' sign our guitar!!! I have an address and everything! I'm hoping to see them in 35 days at Coachella, so that means I need to get them the guitar in NYC quick-like!

Help help heeeelp me out! If you know anyone traveling to the East Coast from the Bay Area, please let me know! They can help the project out by checking on our beloved guitar to their flight, and passing it on to someone else to pass it to someone else to get it to its final destination in Manhattan.

Then the guitar gets signed by the band, who (maybe?) bring it to Coachella and yell my name out at the festival and let me muscle through the crowd, who lift me up and pass me up to the stage, where I hug the band members and raise the autographed guitar above my head in triumph before being pulled back down to the mess below.

Something like that!

So, ask your friends and family! Who is flying soon to NYC or the East Coast? Email me at carl DOT winter AT yahoo DOT com! Our 2StinkyFish thank you!!

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