August 15, 2010

Outside Lands Festival = Guerilla Guitar Marketing

Finally off my duff, bedecked in boots and hoodie, I and my trusty guitar mingled with the festival folk at the ol' Outside Lands Festival today. I was a littttttle nervous to accost cool kids, but everyone was really positive and positively nice. Among the highlights:
  • Claudia and Swiyyah helpin' out a baldie with a ride to and from 30th and Fulton, my soapbox for the day
  • Officer Friendly coming by to check out the project. Apparently he heard about it from others, so the word had gotten out. Yee-hawww
  • Dude from Turkey whose apartment is free for 2 years while he's here studying. I smell a trade offer!!! :P
All in all a great experience. If you visited today and want some shameless promotion, comment away--you'll be read by a whole lot of like 20 people!! woo hoo! 


joyfull said...

Hey, I talked too a bit at the outside lands! I absolutely worship mgmt and am a teen guitarist with a child guitar,therefore I really want that guitar, but i have no idea of what to offer ): give me some ideas!!!!! my email is Please message me back, I'd like to feel like I at least had a shot of getting it.

Carl Winter said...

hey joyfull--I emailed you but you didn't get back to me! Let me know if you didn't get the email! I think you probably have something great to offer!