January 18, 2011

Final Feast Suggestions!

Thank you to all of you who are suggesting ideas for The Final Feast! It's a crucial part of my project, since it will help communicate the project's final goal to everyone to whom we spread the word!

The two new suggestions are:
  1. Food trucks, food stands, kids crafts, a petting zoo - get 5,000 together in a fun family event. :) With the help of community volunteers (like LA works)
  2. Go Big. Do it in a stadium parking lot (probably more obtainable than stadium). Free for those who arrive on foot, bike, or by public trans. Rugs/blankets for picnic style eating. Event provides the food. Music donated.
    Arrange tables in a creative fashion so that when photographed from above will make fabulous photos. Fixed Hot air balloon rides allow for these photos?
Love the ideas! If you have another, feel free to leave it in the comments or fill out the Final Feast form!

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