May 17, 2008

Vote on the Offers!

Thanks to all the offers to trade me for my 2 stinky fish and 5 loaves of bread! We got some great ones to start the project rollin' rollin'...

Instead of just choosing myself what I think is the best trade, I thought I'd leave it up to you all to vote on the best offer! I've tried to be fair in my descriptions and photos...apologies in advance to any of the offers that don't end up as pretty or as nicely described as they really are!

So, without further oo-ooh-ca-choo, here they are!

1. Four bars of Swiss chocolate, four bars of Belgian chocolate, and eight Full Throttle energy drinks - Augusta MacPherson & Philippe Rousseau, San Francisco

2. Rare ceramic Hershey's Kiss fondue set - Caroline Tuan, Burlingame, CA

3. Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition - Janet Tomiyama, Los Angeles

4. Fome29 T-shirt, 2008 Edition - Carol Strelow, Florianopolis, Brazil

1 comment:

Lois said...

Wow! Looks like the Fome 29 T-shirt is getting all the votes. That's great! This is a way of helping Rahel and Carol too.
Love you,