May 26, 2008

We have a Winner! (Now What?)

Well, we have a winner! The Fome29 T-shirt won by a wide margin, thanks to an impressive blog campaign by Carol and Rahel in Brazil. Congratulations!

So, now what? I've got two stinky fish and five loaves of bread here in San Francisco, and they have a T-shirt ready to go there in Brazil... How do we get the fish and bread in their hands?

1. Smuggle the goods into Brazil with a traveling friend, since shipping food products is illegal.
2. See if Rahel and Carol can find a way to get 2 stinky fish and 5 loaves of bread donated from some local stores?
3. Wait till Rahel and Carol come to visit the US to give them the 2 stinky fish and bread.

Does anyone have any other crazy ideas?


Carol Strelow said...


Anonymous said...

how did the red paper clip people do it?

Carl Winter said...

I think Kyle actually traveled the country to meet up with the donors! I'd love to do that--it'll just take a little time to get to Brazil! :P

Carl Winter said...

Idea from my Mom:

"Dad and I both have a Camiseta [T-shirt] Fome 29 in black with bright green writing. Very nice. I'd be willing to give you mine if you want it, then I'll get a new one from Rahel next time we go to Brasil."

Tiago said...

My aunt and uncle are traveling to San Francisco next week, and could maybe take some version of fish and bread back to Brazil with them. :)

Carl Winter said...

Thanks for the great ideas, guys!

Maybe we can do some hybrid where I get some sardines in a can and some matzah bread to send back with Tiago's aunt and uncle, if they are willing to take it.

I'd really like to have a physical trade happen, rather than an "I owe you" trade or a donation... Still open to ideas, if anyone has any!

Carol Strelow said...

We will be happy with any king of fish and bread...

Carol Strelow said...

era pra ser *kind... rs

thais said...


How about canned salmon & bagels?
Sounds like the American version of Jesus' bread & fish

it's just an idea.... lol