July 12, 2009

2StinkyFish Wine Survives Crash in the Rockies

Remember when we couldn't get our 2 Stinky Fish's wine bottle across state lines? Well, Adam graciously volunteered to help us out. Along the way to their ski trip, though, they were involved in a pretty nasty crash. Thank God all were safe, but the car was in a bad way.

After a night of uncertainty and daze, the boys realized that they had left our bottle of Alpha|Omega wine in the car. (oops!) Legend has it they were distraught and bitter, blaming each other using salty language and much pointing of fingers, but through therapy and deep prayer they resolved to simply check the back seat for the bottle of wine. Sure enough it was okay! Though it didn't make it all the way to Denver on this trip, Adam did manage to take it on a subsequent flight to Denver to pass it on and keep the ball rolling.

Thanks, Adam!

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